See The Apples in Stereo, help hackers send a balloon to Europe!


LVL1, the Louisville hackerspace, is hosting a benefit concert for the White Star Balloon project, headlined indie rock heros The Apples in stereo. Sounds like it will be a great night of live music and geeky activities:

You are invited to a special The Apples in Stereo benefit concert that’s happening at LVL1 (814 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40204) this Saturday at 11/20 at 7pm (the party continues until midnight). The concert benefits the White Star Balloon project, of which I’m a part of, whose mission is to send a small, unmanned, robotic balloon to Europe this winter thereby setting a new record!! We’ve been interviewed on podcasts, the Courier-Journal, and WFPL (airing soon). The benefit concert is just another way for us to get the word out, and have fun while we’re doing it. We’re asking for a $5 suggested donation at the door, but again, the concert is absolutely free. It’s going to be an awesome concert, and Robert Schneider’s going to bring the Teletron – a mind-controlled synthesizer for the grand finale. Cool stuff, here’s a demo of it in action at LVL1 this past fall.

In addition, there will be science demos and a simulation of a launchpad preparation, free Wi-fi, and refreshments. For those of you who are/will be out of town or just can’t make it, if you like the project, please let us know at whitestarballoon@lvl1.org – words of encouragement are always welcome.

Apples in Stereo benefit concert @LVL1
Saturday, November 20, 2010, 7pm+
814 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40204
Suggested Donation: $5