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Top 10: Most controversial posts

Although many of us grimaced to read your comments when these posts first went up, time heals all wounds, and we’ve been having a great time on the mailing list bandying about our memories of our best/worst “ouch” moments from Make: Online and CRAFT. I’ve compiled a list of the top/bottom 10 best/worst posts from our collective trip down memory lane, and have included my favorite comment, from each, to summarize. Enjoy! /ducks



“I’m sure these would go over great in West Virginia.” — Blood puddle pillows



“Phew! Good thing it’s not ‘art!'” — Cross knife



“YOUNGSTERS: If it don’t belong to you, don’t touch it. ” — Parasitic bike pump steals air from car tires



“I look forward to his renderings of Castro, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot.” — Che Guevara in dice



“What will they do next, throw tea in the harbor?” — LED art all over Boston today



“One filthy habit disguised as another.” — Graffiti marker disguised as cigarette



“Horrific, barbaric, sadistic.” — Squirrel Feet Earrings



“Not all craft pieces need be cheerful bunnies and cute knit clothing.” — Columbine Cross Stitch


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“This is a deeply worrying sign that you have mental problems that need to be looked into.”
Taxidermy, rats, LEDs – and more…


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“Makers and making are one of those things that Red and Blue America both take part in.”
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