Add graphics to your Kicad-designed PCB

Matthew Beckler of Wayne and Layne wrote in to share an image processing tool he wrote that helps expand the capabilities of open-source EDA suite Kicad.

Looking to add some fancy graphics to the silkscreen on your next printed circuit board? If you’re using the totally awesome open source Kicad EDA suite, look no further!

For an upcoming project, Wayne and Layne wanted to add a QR code image link to one of our circuit boards. The image conversion tool built into Kicad had some issues, so we quickly wrote our own with the features we needed.

6 thoughts on “Add graphics to your Kicad-designed PCB

  1. I’m a little fuzzy on this, but I have used KiCAD and Love it.

    It looks like they take a .jpg file, convert it to greyscale, then convert it to a .MOD file that KiCAD can read.

    That way you can put any kind of graphic onto the silkscreen or copper layer. If I’m right, and they really did this, then I am REALLY happy that someone did this.

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