We’re still looking to hear what’s on YOUR holiday list. Please leave your wish list for Cyber Santa in the Comments below. We’ll be choosing three user-contributions and giving out copies of our Ultimate Workshop and Tool Guide 2010.

38 thoughts on “Reader-contributed Gift Guide (and book giveaway)

  1. Santa, I’ve been super good this year! So I want:

    1.)A Rotomolder!

    2.)Casting Materials(silicones and Resins)

    Please Cyber Santa, I really want to make Awesome stuff, I even saw Adam Savage Article in the new issue of Make, and It made me even more happy!

    -Your the best Santa EVER!
    -I promise to leave the best cookies for you ever!

  2. Dear Cyber Santa,
    I would like some time to finish some of my current projects! I need to put a digital voltmeter on the solar charging circuit in the shed, hang the 40 meter extended dipole antenna, rewire the old cabinet stereo to have an iPod interface, and hook up the Mac Mini to the home theater setup.
    Any chance I could get a week of vacation?

    Love, Chrome6

  3. I recently moved from San Diego California to Norway (near Oslo). We don’t know how long we’ll be here but it is nice being closer to you.
    For Christmas, I am asking for the Make: Electronics book, the Maker Component Pack 1, a solderless breadboard, and the deluxe tool set.
    The reason I want these is because my brother lives in San Diego, and his son and I were always working on projects together (Stop motion animation etc.). He’s 10 years old. And so I bought him the stuff I mentioned above for Christmas and we’ll be doing the projects together over Skype once every weekend (because of the time difference and his school schedule we only talk on Saturdays and Sundays).
    Now I just have to get my set so we can work on stuff together.
    Thanks Cyber Santa,
    Oh, and PS. If you can’t get the kit stuff above, maybe you can send some warmth over here.

  4. Dear Cyber Santa,
    I would like more time to spend with my nieces and teach them electronics.
    Also I would like a Drawdio kit to show them how to solder.

    For myself I would like the book that is coming out on 12/15 about Wireless Networks from O’Reilly Media.

    Happy Holidays

  5. I’d love a vintage radial arm saw, and an ancient floor drill press in reasonably close to working order, and enough electronics chops to get the garden irrigation system to automatically pull from the rain barrel instead of the hose when there’s enough water in it.

  6. Our island community is widely distributed and its been hard to find a good permanent home for our maker space that is equally inconvenient to everyone. Our present hope is to find some semi-convenient small space for meetings, etc and get a trailer to hall our laser, makerbot, soldering kits and more to schools and community centers.

    So please, santa, bring us a 16ft enclosed trailer!
    we’d also love a small MIG welding setup and a bunch of Cool Neon’s Learn To Solder kits (EL-wire!!)


  7. I want a small manual mill like a Sieg X3 so that I can make parts for my CNC machine and laser cutter.
    It would be my multi tool-deluxe!


  8. I know I have to start out small, so if you can give me just these few things to help me become a maker it would be appreciated.

    1 Makerbot Thing o Matic 3d printer
    1 soldering iron kit

    Well I know you have a limited space on your sleigh so I am going to stop there.. but if you have more room.. both of the electronics kits in the Maker store and a six pack of some of the Windy City glassware tumblers. That should get me started.. until my birthday.

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