We’ve done a lot of projects on MAKE over the years that use largely recycled or scrounged materials. As we continue our MAKE Green Projects Contest, we thought it’d be fun to feature some of them here. We figured we’d tag some of our own green!

Marc de Vinck has done some awesome projects for us over the years, frequently with a kid and/or science focus. Here are three of our faves. Thanks, Marc!

Have you tagged your green yet? If you have a project that addresses environmental or energy issues, uses recycled materials, or in any other way could be considered “green” (OK, wise guys, no Kermit the Frog pushie projects), please post them to our project site and campaign for them across your socnets. Grand prize includes a trip for two to Maker Faire.

Build Heron’s Fountain
Here, Marc builds a small Heron’s fountain out of three plastic water bottles.

Build: An electrified Zoetrope from recycled parts
Building a Zoetrope from found and recycled materials. Marc also built a Phenakistoscope. You can see that build on Make: Projects here.


How to: Candy tin fume extractor
This solder fume extractor, built inside of a mint tin, has been a favorite project on the site. You can see the Make: Projects version of it here.