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Top 10:  Steam power!

In retrospect, with a few notable exceptions, there was really nothing punk about The Fad Which Shall Not Be Named. Steampop might have been a better word. Fortunately, the steam in these posts is not, generally, even aspiring to “punk” status, although the word itself may, regrettably, appear a couple times in the copy on the linked pages. Please accept our apologies for that–we were excited–and enjoy this hot steamy content entirely on its own merits.


Steam powered Gameboy



Steam powered iMac


Steam powered rowboat



Steam powered rolling ball game



USS Midway – Giant steam powered aircraft carrier



R2-S2 (R2 Steam Too) – The steam powered R2-D2



Steam powered radio controlled “lobster” tank


Steam powered pencil sharpener



Steam powered motorcycle (photos)



Steam-powered record player

6 thoughts on “Top 10: Steam power!

  1. Corpus C. Redfish: “Well that’s a strange and wondrous tale, son, but like everything else, it’ll work if you let it.”
    Just needed to add a quote from the movie Roadie.

  2. At least three of those come from the CrabFu SteamWorks. I think the internet should just crown that guy the King of Steam.

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