DIY electric motor kit

Seattle-based maker David Scott Cole designed this neat looking hobby electric project motor kit, which appears to consist of a laser cut wooden frame, wire, and magnets. I want one!

Of course, you don’t actually have to buy a fancy kit to make a motor, you can actually make a simple one using just a battery, some paperclips, a magnet, and a bit of wire. The kit version might be a bit more reliable, though.


2 thoughts on “DIY electric motor kit

  1. ImaginationHardware says:

    This is a really fun little project going like hotcakes as a stocking stuffer for the scientifically-inclined. I’m running full speed to keep up with orders. Who knew!

    I thought I’d share the link to my new little landing page. I put it together on my lunchbreak today, including coining the name, registering the URL, designing the logo and building the page – what a whirlwind. Here’s the link:

    And a shoutout to Metrix Create Space (, where I get the laser cutting done, and did a lot of testing and prototypes. It’s a great maker hangout in Seattle. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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