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Last year I wrapped all my Christmas presents in proof sheets from MAKE and CRAFT magazines. The gifts looked surprisingly good with a white background, splashes of color from photos and illustrations, and bits of interesting notes written by editors for corrections.
I got my inspiration from an article that ran in CRAFT, Volume 5 called Wrap Art.
The author, John Boak, used mesh produce bags, pieces of wood, and scraps of ribbon to make amazingly beautiful wrappings. Collages, fanciful bows, and even pieces of foam added to the gift-giving in wonderful and innovative ways.

green_wrapping_dino.jpg.jpg reuse_wrapping_redbox.jpg

This year, I’ve been saving mesh bags, shiny cracker bags, and funky tags that might look good in a paper mosaic. I’m excited to try my hand at my next green wrapping project. Now all I need is some free time to get to it!
Check out the Wrap Art article for more green, reuse wrapping ideas.

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