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How-To: “Soft” Rock Guitar

CRAFT: Celebrate the Season

By Andrea DeHart
Your little guitar hero will love this rockin’ toy, sized just for little ones. It’s light, flexible, and fully ready to rock. Now you can bang your head without leaving a bruise.

Softrock Supplies


10×16″ burgundy wool felt
5″x12″ gold wool felt
5″x6″ gray wool felt
7″x17″ flexible foam sheet or dense batting
Gold, white, and black thread
4 small black pom-poms
3 small white pom-poms
2 1/4 yds black satin cord or cord elastic
Gray embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Water-soluble marking pen or chalk

Download PDF Download PDF for 8 1/2 X 11 Paper | Download PDF for 11 X 17 Paper
Right click to save the PDF to your desktop. Directions on downloading PDFs.


Step 1: Download the guitar and filler templates and cut the pieces according to the instructions on the pattern. When cutting the foam sheet filler, try using a utility knife to cut through the thickness. Transfer all design details or placement markings onto the felt using a temporary marking pen or chalk.
Softrock Step2
Step 2: To create the yellow stitch pattern, stitch back and forth 4 times over each marking to make them more prominent. Watch your thread tension – if sewn too tight it can cause the felt panel to pucker.
Softrock Step3
Step 3: Add the lightning bolt detail with a yellow topstitch. At this point you can also attach the yellow felt neck to the front and back of the guitar body.
Softrock Step4
Step 4: Be warned: the next couple steps require some extra patience! Start by measuring the length of your 6 strings from the top of the headstock down to the bridge. Hand tack the end of the cords to the backside of the gray felt rectangle. Make sure they are aligned in a slight angle. Next, flip the gray rectangle over and top stitch in place. I recommend reinforcing the stitch line closest to the cords if you have a mini Eddie Van Halen in your home.
Softrock Step5
Step 5: Repeat step 4 to secure the bottom of the strings at the bridge. If you are using satin cord for the strings, tack the strings in various spots along the neck with black thread to keep them in place. If you are using an elastic cord, make sure there is just enough tension for the strings to lay flat.
Softrock Step6
Step 6: Attach the pom-pom tuning knobs by tacking them directly to the body of the guitar using white thread.
Softrock Step7
Step 7: Now that all of the details are in place, it’s time to insert the filler layer and stitch the sides closed. Pinning the felt directly to the foam sheet or batting will keep everything in place and keep your side seams consistent. Use a simple whip stitch with 4 strands of gray embroidery thread.
Softrock Step8
Step 8: Our “soft” rock guitar would not be complete without a few tuning knobs. Tack the 4 black pom-poms to the side of the grey felt rectangle using black thread.
Softrock Step9
Step 9: Finish the project by removing all of the chalk or marker markings. Be sure to check for any stray pins before handing it over to your budding rockstar!
About the Author:
Author Andreadehart 2010
Andrea DeHart is a self-proclaimed Craft-o-holic living with Portland, OR. She enjoys frequent craft nights with her 2 kids and scraps rarely go to waste. You can follow her crafty creations at

29 thoughts on “How-To: “Soft” Rock Guitar

  1. Cute!
    Just a tip if you make this for any older kids, make sure you have 6 knobs instead of 4! 4 makes it a bass… But it has 6 strings so that makes it a guitar… Yeah just match the number of knobs to the number of strings in any case :p

  2. Wow, this is cool! I would not have thought of making a stuffed guitar. You are very clever.

  3. Hi,gr8 idea! Where can I get the foam,flexible foam comes up on different sites,as anything from placemats to boat cushions ! Help and thanx !

  4. I have a 3-year old boy that would think this is the absolute coolest pillow ever! I’m pinning it to my Gifts for Preschoolers (DIY Style!) board…and will be making it for his Christmas!

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