Anyone who’s been to a Bay Area Maker Faire likely remembers seeing the cool persistence of vision (POV) displays by Dan Goldwater/MonkeyLectric. This visual effect is achieved by conventionally spinning bike wheels that have lights along their spokes. The lights are controlled in a such a way that the afterimage they create in motion is retained on the retina and a persistent image is visible. Now imagine not only spinning the wheel on its center horizontal axis, but spinning it on a vertical axis and controlling the lights to produce interesting POV effects in that plane as well. The result is a 3D spherical POV display. In this Instructable, Dan shows you how he created this 3D spherical display rig and a control box that allows the display to be fully interactive (to exhibit at events like Maker Faire and Siggraph).

n00tron 3D Spherical Volumetric Display – Interactive Exhibit