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Heart Spark jewelry beats to your heart

The folks at SenseBridge, a research group that meets at the NoiseBridge hackerspace, just released this Heart Spark necklace pendant. It’s got a receiver for a Polar heart rate monitor built into it, and has space to add a real-time clock and extra storage if you want to turn it into a heart-rate monitor. The source code for the project is already available, and schematics and board layouts are promised soon.

This looks like it would be fun both as-it, and as a building block for more advanced body monitoring designs. Anyone want to make a recreation of Takehito Etani’s Pimp My Heart?

[via HeatSync Labs]


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  1. Very unique idea. Technology has changed the whole world in many ways…. On seeing this pendant it is proved that technology has placed its foot on the jewellery designs as well. This really looks amazing. Techie people will definitely like it.

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