Doug Kovach sent me a link to this awesome project he recently completed. It’s a cross between two iconic effects pedals, the FuzzFace Fuzz pedal and the Colorsound MKII ToneBender. In the video, he presents a little history of the pedals, his research into the circuits, his experiments (and failures) in creating this new dual effects circuit, and his final success. Here he describes a little of his process:

The pedal is a cross between the Fuzz Face of Jimi Hendrix fame and the MKII Professional of Jimmy Page fame. The footswitch on the left switches between the two modes and the footswitch on the right bypasses the effect. The knob on the left is the attack knob which adjusts the distortion characteristics while the knob on the right controls the output volume. Both of these pedals are considered to be the holy grail of distortion pedals and many a dollar has been spent in acquiring either. Here I have combined them into what is arguably the finest distortion device ever presented to musicians. I have used military grade Germanium transistors in the circuit to prevent the dreaded temperature based instabilities and also to provide the healthy germanium creaminess both of these pedals were known for.

Fuzz.Bender Germanium Distortion Pedal!!!