Whoa. I suddenly NEED this (and I don’t even do much woodworking). Via Dinosaurs and Robots.

Bridge City Tool

14 thoughts on “Jointmaker Pro tabletop hand saw

    1. Ooops. Hate when that happens. But it’s such a cool (and obvious) concept, it probably deserves more views. I wonder if anybody has tried to make a DIY version.

  1. This is a very clever tool that could be made in a smaller format for traveling to places where electricity may not always be available. I think Make mag should get one and test it (or hopefully a reader will post his/her review). I wonder how long the blades will last for a particular wood and how expensive they will be to replace. It’ll be nice if the company can take blades back for recycling or resharpening.

  2. Over priced. It isn’t designed to replace your table saw it’s just suppose to do certain things better. So that means you still need a table saw AND one of these.

  3. Well I do have a perfectly good CNC machine sitting in my hobby room…and I do have a need to accurately cut wood (amazingly CNC machines cant do ALL the work for you)…I may just have to try my hand at a DIY version.

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