In the Maker Shed: Netduino is back in stock

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We just received a new shipment of Netduino micro-controllers in the Maker Shed. What’s a Netduino? Glad you asked! Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. The board features a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment, making it a perfect solution for engineers and hobbyists alike. If you are picking up a Netduino, be sure to check out our exclusive MakerShield. It’s a perfect match for the Netduino, and any other ‘duino flavored micro!

2 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Netduino is back in stock

  1. Cooluser23 says:

    This is interesting.

    Could the makezine blog, or someone chime in and tell us more about the Netduino? 32bit sounds fun.

    Is it compatible to Arduino shields? Can I port over programs?

    Are there similar clones based on TI’s MSP-430 line, and Microchip’s microcontrollers?

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