Melodie and Brenton from Garden Melodies created this incredible gingerbread recreation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Fun facts:

  • It took over 12 hours to design
  • It took Brenton and I around 40 hours to build and decorate
  • There are around 164 different pieces of gingerbread
  • It took roughly 12 square feet of gingerbread dough (that’s four large batches) to make all the walls, floors and roof
  • Over 8 bags of powdered sugar were used to make all the frosting
  • It took over 40 sleeves of large Smarties which are used to simulate dry stack stone on the building exterior
  • The river and water fall are made up of three batches of hard candy

There’s also a follow up post with more pictures! [via Extreme Craft]