Best of Make: Online 2010 – Crafts

Each is an achievement! Did I miss your favorite? Post a link in the comments below. #10 How-To: Make a shrimp from a bendy straw #9 Photo Booth mask is creepy, awesome #8 Fairytale Fashion show 2010 – Diana Eng #7 Solar system necklace – “Each bead represents 20 million... Read more »

In the Maker Shed: Monochron clock kit

The Monochron clock kit from the Maker Shed is a completely hackable, open source, clock kit that has a funky retro feel. It can be programmed to display several different clock “faces” or you can program you own. The kit comes complete with all electronics (soldering required), laser cut case,... Read more »

How-To: Revamp an Old Toolbox

John Park @ Make: Online writes: Depressed by the utter unmanliness of the plastic toolboxes at my local hardware store, I headed to the flea market to see if I could do better. I was looking for a heavy-duty hunk of American steel. It didn’t take long to spot a... Read more »

Handmade New Year’s Eve Etsy Finds

When making your plans for New Year’s Eve, don’t forget about Barbie. She needs a new dress, too! Or what about this vintage embroidered towel? That might look nice in your kitchen when the party’s started. I created a New Year’s Eve Etsy treasury with a few handmade party finds... Read more »

Best of Make: Online 2010 — Makers: The best of us

A few weeks ago, we were talking internally about somehow celebrating some of our favorite makers from 2010. Of course, when we do that, our usual cast of amazing makers pop to mind: Mister Jalopy, Bill Gurstelle, Bre Pettis, Limor Fried, Lenore and Windell of Evil Mad Scientist Labs, the... Read more »

Best of CRAFT 2010: Knitting and Crochet

We’ve covered some fantastic knitting and crochet projects this year. Do you remember the article about truckers knitting and quilting? This amazing knit skeleton? Or these adorable crochet teddy bear headphone covers? That’s just the beginning; here are some of my other favorite posts about knitting and crochet from 2010:... Read more »