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Hackerspace cupcake challenge

Lish posted the following on CRAFT:

Who says cupcakes are just for crafters?! There’s a hackerspace challenge right now to send a cupcake in pristine condition to another hackerspace across the country. I’m wondering — have any of you tried to mail cupcakes or cakes before? Any tips and/or tricks? Those are my sprinkle cupcakes above. I wonder how they’d do in the mail…

Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge

8 thoughts on “Hackerspace cupcake challenge

  1. I think the sending of the cupcakes is going to be the real challenge! I know there are cupcake and muffin tins that can be purchased with lids – although, buying makes it less fun. I esp think having the icing on already is going to make this interesting.

    Maybe you could use honey or something sticky to secure the cupcakes in their paper to the tin? And then use one of those pop-on covers that can be purchased? Packed in a box with a lot of peanuts and maybe some dry ice.
    Good Luck!

  2. You could try gluing the cupcake’s wrapper to the bottom of a box. Cupcakes usually stick well enough to their wrappers that they won’t just fall out when inverted, and the box would protect it from being mushed. The recipient could unwrap the cupcake in situ and pick it up, assuming you used a glue that didn’t soak through the wrapper. Use a genuine overnight service (FedEx or UPS, not USPS) to get it there before it goes stale.

    1. Or, use 3 plastic baggies and expanding foam. One goes in the bottom half of the box and gets filled with foam formed around the base of the cupcake. Another one contains the cupcake and sits in the hollow in the bottom half. And the third is also filled with foam but fills the remaining space in the box.

      This method has the added advantage of lending itself to a fairly obvious (given the name of a certain brand of expanding foam) geeky design to put on the icing of the cupcake.

  3. When our daughter was in college relatively close by in East Texas, my wife figured out that she could mail un-frosted cupcakes along with a can of icing, a plastic knife, & a bottle of sprinkles and multi-location birthday celebrations would happen. We would usually include fun party favors marketed for younger kids to complete the package.

    Our son is going to college in Boston & he loves cupcakes, too. The process has proven to be effective at 1800+ miles.

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