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By Andrea DeHart
Everywhere you look these days people are mad for plaid. I’ve always liked the “lumberjack look,” and I wanted to find a way to refashion an oversized plaid flannel shirt, with a feminine twist. I recommend starting with the largest men’s shirt you can find at your local thrift store. This project is quick, easy, and fully customizable. No suspenders required!


Large or X-Large men’s plaid flannel shirt
Standard sewing supplies


Lumberjack Step1
Step 1: Refer to cutting guide to see how the shirt will be altered. The larger the shirt, the more fabric you will have to work with to make the ruffles. Larger shirts will also allow for puffier sleeves. Remove any pockets if they will get in the way of the ruffles.
Lumberjack Step2
Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out to fit directly on your body. Pin the side seams along either side to create a contoured fit. For a better fit, add small darts on either side of the bust. Carefully cut approximately 5/8″ from pins for seam allowance. Cut around armhole openings, or draw a chalk guide directly on the fabric to cut once removed from the body.
Lumberjack Step3A
Step 3: To make the bib ruffle detail, cut 5 strips from the discarded shirt fabric measuring approximately 1″ wide by 16″ long. Sew directly down the length of each strip using a basting stitch. Carefully pull one of the threads to create the gather.
Lumberjack Step3B
Pin the gathered strips to the front of the shirt and sew using a zig-zag stitch. For this project, I chose to keep the fabric edges raw to create a frayed effect.
Lumberjack Step4
Step 4: Cut the collar off of the shirt just above the collar stand. Sew the fifth ruffle strip to the inside of the collar stand.
Lumberjack Step5
Step 5: To determine the length of the sleeve, put the shirt back on the body and pin the sleeve at the desired length. If the shirt size is large enough, you can use the original cuff without being too tight on the bicep. Cut the sleeve at the desired length and reattach to the body. Gather excess fabric where it meets the top of the shoulder to create a puffed sleeve.
Step 6: Finish by hemming the bottom of the shirt to the desired length and press all seams.
About the Author:
Author Andreadehart 2010
Andrea DeHart is a self-proclaimed Craft-o-holic living with Portland, OR. She enjoys frequent craft nights with her 2 kids and scraps rarely go to waste. You can follow her crafty creations at

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