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Pier Solar and the Great Architects homebrew games for retired consoles

Pier Solar Euro Std Release Contents

800Px-Japanese Mega Drive + Mega Drive 2

Pier Solar and the Great Architects homebrew games for retired consoles…

Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a 16-bit role playing game for the Sega Mega Drive, released in December 2010 by WaterMelon Co. The game optionally utilizes the Mega-CD expansion device to enhance its audio capabilities.

Development of the game began on June 8, 2004 as a small project by the community of the website Eidolon’s Inn, a community dedicated to homebrew-development for Sega video game consoles. The project was originally intended to be a simple RPG based on the members of the community, and the target platform was the Sega Mega-CD. At that time the project was simply called Tavern RPG, a reference to the website’s message boards being called “The Tavern”.

As development progressed the original idea was abandoned in favor of a full-fledged fantasy RPG of greater scale. By 2006 the game engine had become sophisticated enough that the creation of actual content could really begin. While most of the Eidolon’s Inn community was no longer directly involved, other people joined the team, leading to a core of eight members with additional help from many more.

This game just shipped in December of 2010. With the success of MineCraft and the constant emergence of new polished homebrew for retro consoles, 2011 may turn out to be a year where we see a best selling game that’s not available on any current console.


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