In response to our Dremel PDF project to mod some Lego bricks into a USB drive case with a working cap, reader Pieter Leeuwen sent us images of this version he made years ago (after seeing a similar project here on MAKE that he thought he could improve upon). He’s been using this drive ever since.

Please keep in mind that I’ve been walking around with this stick for almost 5 years now and it was made out of some old pieces I used to play with as a child which were already banged up. The project was just a proof of concept at the time. Nevertheless, I think this can be easily copied with better quality. At the time I made it, it was the first time I had ever held a (fake) Dremel in my hand and I didn’t have the proper attachments nor a third-hand or a vise. Because of that, I sanded off quite a lot of skin from my fingertips, burned myself ;) and found that it is not easy to sand plastic in the first place, because of the friction melts it!

Create a Lego flash drive with functioning cap
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