Pamela Davis curated the group embroidery show Dwelling on the Past, opening in Seattle next Thursday. It features some familiar artists you’ve seen previously here on CRAFT!

19 artists meditate on the past’s influence on the future. As resources dwindle, as the economy falters we find inspiration from a sparer era. As new technologies rise some past technologies fade but some remain whether for reasons of nostalgia, aesthetics or necessity. How does the past inform our future?

Participating Artists: 
Marilyn Artus, Lyndsey Baldwin, Pamela Davis, Dixie Darling, Iron Pony, Julie Jackson, Emily Katz, Carla Madrigal (pictured above), Allison Manch, Moxie, Johnny Murder, Beth Murphy, Penny Nickel, Cathy Pitters, Kristen Rupp, Tiffany Sabatini, Cindy Steiler, Mary Woodring, Mike Wurn

Dwelling on the Past
Opening January 13, reception 6-10pm
Runs through February 6, 2011
Twilight Artist Collective
4306 SW Alaska St
Seattle, WA