DIY ammo box speakers

The folks from the I3 Detroit hackerspace show how to repurpose an old ammo box into speakers, using only $50 in parts. It seems like a good way to put military technology to a better use.

8 thoughts on “DIY ammo box speakers

  1. I use them for tool boxes. They’re watertight, so you throw a little oil in with the tools and they’ll never rust. I’ve got one .50 cal box for metric and one for imperial. I’ve had them for 20 yrs now and there isn’t a sign of them wearing out, rusting, dinting or leaking.

  2. @Matt Mets
    I use my ammo boxes for ammo. Seems like the best way to put the military technology to use. After all, it’s an ammo can.

    I am not comfortable with ammo box speakers either. Too many rattling bits. I’m confused a little with your link. Are you not comfortable with your cell plan?

    1. Aha, that seems like a reasonable use for them too, assuming you have ammo to store in them :-).

      I dropped makbradson’s comment because it has the signature of a spam message.

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