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June Gilbank’s 3D Punchneedle Embroidery Globe

Here’s another reason I love Twitter. Recently, SisterDiane tweeted the following:

You didn’t miss @planetjune’s incredible punchneedle embroidery globe, did you?

Well, sadly, I had missed it, but thanks to Diane’s tweet, I was able to check it out and read up on June’s work-in-progress posts about the project. She’s blown me away with her ability to plan out and create a three-dimensional punchneedle embroidery project. You can see how she created each hemisphere based on 3D paper globe sculptures she’d seen. The project took just more than a year to complete, and used “somewhere in the region of 60,000 stitches.” Wow. Here’s hoping she’ll want to do an entire solar system of punchneedle planets …