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Judging from the fleets of gas grills parked outside almost every big box home improvement store for the last five or six years one could assume that there’s been a bit of an uptick in outdoor cooking. While barbeque tends to take center stage in this ritual, there’s almost no thought given to basic kitchen amenities outside of the more elaborate setups. If you do a fair amount of your cooking outside, when the weather’s nice, and you’d like access to a sink, gas burner, cutting surface and storage space, check out this handsome DIY outdoor kitchen from London-based designer Nina Tolstrup. Step-by-step PDF instructions are available on her site. [via likecool]

The outdoor kitchen comprises of gas cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping
board and storage for crockery, utensils and a few food ingredients. Water is
connected from the garden hose and waste water is collected in a watering can
placed beneath the sink, so grey water can be reused.

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  1. I had a black metal bakers rack that I converted to a permanent grilling station against my house on my patio slab. I mounted on top a plywood sloped roof with matching leftover house shingles. Underneath is my AM/FM/CD stereo for my outdoor speakers. I have those clear flour-sugar containers filled with Hickory, Mesquite, Apple chips. I have my counter space for platters, tools & spices. Underneath is a rubber-maid tote for my charcoal & fluid storage. My gas grill is to the left and my Weber to the right. I also have a gooseneck clamp-lamp for late dinner grilling, all with my outdoor GFCI near by. It rocks!

  2. I like it. Something like this with a built in instant hot water heater (and better drainage) would be handy for my shop as its rented and i dont want to invest in anything that becomes part of the building.

    Important: If anyone builds one of these, only supply it with a hose suitable for potable water (RV hose, or make your own from NSF approved food grade nylon reinforced pvc tubing and lead free brass fittings). Normal garden hoses contain all sorts of nasties from chemicals that leech out of the plastic to bacterial growth, and who knows what else. Furthermore this hose must be stored properly.

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