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Over the last few years, our very own Collin Cunningham has authored a series of awesome videos called MAKE Presents. Each video covers an electronic component (and one fundamental law of electronics). Understanding how these components function, and that law, are important first steps in understanding electronics. Here are all of the MAKE Presents videos to date. Collin is currently working on an episode on the basics of using a digital multimeter (the Swiss Army knife of electronics testing tools).

MAKE Presents: The LED – A movie about the origins of the LED and how to make your own from carborundum!

MAKE presents: The Resistor

MAKE presents: The Capacitor

MAKE Presents: The Transistor

MAKE presents: The Diode

MAKE presents: The Integrated Circuit

MAKE presents: The Inductor

Skill Set: Electronics: Soldering

14 thoughts on “Skill Set: Understanding electronic components

  1. I’ve been interested in electronics on the side for years, finding out how they tick. But this has brought my understanding to another level. Thanks for these awesome videos, I love finding out how things tick and why, and now I know alot more in that :D

  2. What I really like about Collin’s viddies is that each one has a little project at the end of it that you can do to really get a better understanding of how the stuff works.
    I think this is key to learning. I understand things like making mistakes or having skill sets is important but I think that having small projects with goals such as make an LED blink or make a sound come out of a speaker is what really helps you learn electronics.
    Keep the projects coming!

  3. I wish I had access to 1,000 of these tutorial videos. They’re quick, to the point, and do a nice job of explaining the concepts. So much more interesting than trying to read an explanation next to a line drawing. I’m looking forward to each one of them, thanks for taking the time!

  4. The first category on this page appears to be malfunctioning. Its header image isn’t loading (404), and despite the alt text being “Robotics” and the image’s filename being “mz_skillbldr_july-robotics_600x80_05.jpg”, the links in that category are all just a copy of the links from the photography category (and the image itself links to the photoskills tag, not the robotskills tag).

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