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CRAFT: DIY Fashion
Over the past year, we’ve had some amazing DIY fashion projects here on CRAFT. Since we’re celebrating all things fashion this month, I thought I’d take us on a stroll down memory lane and showcase some of our best fashion how-tos. Enjoy!

Cardiganize an Old Pullover by Linda Permann
Shirredpillowcasetop Done
Shirred Pillowcase Top by Betz White
From Maxi Dress to Mini Dress by Diana Eng
Rufflecardi Step8
Bring on Spring Cardigan by Linda Permann

One-Hour Elastic Thread Dress by Nicole Vasbinder

That Girl! Summer Jacket by Nicole Lohr

Into the Woods Cape by Nikol Lohr

Striped Fingerless Mitts by Becky Stern

Katalin Möbius Wrap & Wristlet Set by Shannon Okey

Alice Wrist Warmers by Vicky Howell
Crystal Brocade Necklace by Brookelynn Morris
How-To: Glam Up Your Shoes by Brookelynn Morries
Ecohip Accessories Main
DIY Eco-Hip Accessories by Nancy Minsky