soda bottle rocket vid embeds.jpg

We’ve recently rolled out two new useful functions in our online DIY library, Make: Projects. The first is that you can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in the introduction field of any project, and the second is that you can easily embed any project in its entirety anywhere else on the web. Check out the Soda Bottle Rocket project from MAKE Volume 05 to see how a vid looks in layout (with size=large and alignment=center). And check out the Wiki Syntax guide for the video embed code.

As for embedding a whole project elsewhere, all projects now have a handy Embed link under Formats. Grab it, drop it, and it looks like this:

Soda Bottle Rocket

We’ve working hard to fine-tune Make: Projects into a truly valuable tool for makers of all stripes. If you have feedback, let us know!