Pasta whistle!

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Pasta whistle!

It’s a whistle! It’s edible! I like this pasta whistle concept by designers Elan Leor and Eran Lederman. Anyone want to try making one?

Here’s a video of Japanese food instrument hacker Junji Koyama jamming on some regular pasta:

[via Neatorama]


2 thoughts on “Pasta whistle!

  1. Rahere says:

    One of Sir Thomas Beecham’s better bon mots was the comment that the English don’t like music, but they love the sound it makes. I wonder what he’d have made of this? An early stage in the development of any idea is not simply if you can, but also if you should. In this case, the answer’s clear: I too occassionally make odd sounds, but I always apologise afterwards.

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