ChArLeS from Cambridge, MA, wrote in to share this awesome hall lighting setup consisting of 1,600 LEDs:

Here’s yet another random electroninjutsu project from MIT undergrads. Several years ago, First East hall at MIT built the famous LED Disco Dance Floor over one week during our January Independent Activities month. Now, in the course of one week*end*, this programmable hall lighting system was put together. The group soldered over 200 (custom designed) boards each with multiple colored LEDs and a driver chip.

[Note to those concerned about such things, the music accompanying the video is somewhat risqué.]

4 thoughts on “100′ programmable LED hall lighting

  1. Hello, I am a costuming artist who has a dream of creating some wearable confections that are programable. I have created light up led jackets and suits, as well as el wire costumes for dance troupes and display. I have several things in mind. Perhaps a creative use of accelerometers to make the garment react to things like handshakes or hugs… or maybe a lighted image matrix in the shape of a hpoded swing coat. If anybody is interested in a collaboration, I am all ears.

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