The global hackerspace cupcake challenge is a great idea for a contest. Hosted by Alpha One Labs (Brooklyn, NY), the contest rules are pretty simple: each participating hackerspace has to ship a cupcake to a different space, as far away as possible, in whatever manner they deem appropriate. To me, it exemplifies some of the best things about hackerspaces- the strong sense of community, willingness to not take themselves too seriously, and the audacity to do ridiculous things like gluing a cupcake to the side of a box and shipping it oversees.

The contest is still going on, however I’m digging the submissions that are already in:

The Artifactory (Perth, Australia) opens TOG’s (Dublin, Ireland) cupcake.

Revelation Space (Den Haag, Netherlands) judges the cupcake sent from Hackerspace Charlotte (Charlotte, NC, USA)
Favorite quote: “what was the method? Sandwiched between the cupcake cups.. glued to the bottom of the case”

Hackerspace Charlotte receives a cupcake from Protospace in (Calgary, Canada).

Makers Local 256 (Huntsville, AL, USA) opens the cupcake from Santa Barbara Hackerspace (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)


Finally, Makers Local 256 attempted to ship a cupcake inside another cupcake, however they were thwarted by the post office.