Welcome to the third installment of the Make It Last Build Series and contest, sponsored by Microchip and Energizer. Over the next five weeks, we’re going to be working on the third project, a cool mural drawing machine called the Drawbot. With two stepper motors, some monofilament line, a binder clip, a Sharpie and a microcontroller, the Drawbot draws cubic Bezier curves, circles and can move from one point to another accurately. Here’s a video of the Drawbot in action!¨

The contest part of the third build will be a simple drawing (as in names pulled from a hat, not a drawbot drawing). To be eligible, post your images on our MAKE Flickr pool, tagged “makeitlast.” We will draw a first and second place winner from that tag pool. The prizes for the third build are as follows.

First Prize

  • Explorer 16 Demo Board
  • $50 Maker Shed Gift Certificate
  • Energizer® Night Strike Swivel Light

And the second prize winner will take home:

  • F1 Evaluation Kit
  • $25 Maker Shed Gift Certificate
  • Energizer® Night Strike Swivel Light

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