In the Maker Shed: Guitar, mandolin and banjo kits

Building a custom guitar, mandolin, or banjo has never been easier thanks to the popular Saga guitar kits from the Maker Shed! All the contours, critical angles, and pre-finishing work has been completed, eliminating any guess work, and the possibility of making an unplayable instrument. The kits are designed and crafted so that no sophisticated woodworking tools, complicated jigs, or soldering are required. Detailed instructions are included to make the process simple. Hack it and make it your own!

4 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Guitar, mandolin and banjo kits

  1. I built a guitar, and all was pretty simple, except for building the neck. Will a neck or other parts be up for purchase separate from a full kit?

  2. No, sorry. Only the complete kits are available. (and you can see in the pics the necks are 95% done,making it really easy!)

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