I can’t say there weren’t tears — tears which I promise I will recount in agonizing detail later — but we’re up and limping on WordPress (::golfclap::)

Plenty of funkiness still abounds, however. We’re working on these issues and hope to have the bulk of them addressed in the next 24 to 48 hours (I have a plane back to Sealand to catch, after all). Here are the major ones:

  • Comments are still off for the moment. We’re going to roll to the Disqus commenting system to allow people to actually log in with Facebook, OpenID, etc. (Which I know you guys have been clamoring for). I’ll have that up very soon
  • The RSS feed – I promise we’re not going to do that “click to read more!” thing that you’re seeing now, and we’ll restore images. I’m a big RSS person myself, so not having the full article in my reader is giving me additional gray hairs
  • We’ve heard there are some CSS bugs in IE8. We’re going to work hard to fix those ASAP.
  • The old blog was outputting a lot of static files that were included by our website. We have to manually recreate some of those, so you might see some weirdness over there for a bit

I’ll post a full, technical post-mortem for any interested parties — what we learned, what not to do, and how to port an old, legacy MT system to the cloud — once the fires are under control . Thanks for your continued patience!

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