Computers & Mobile

It is I, your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman (or an unreasonable facsimile)! I just wanted to give you extraordinarily patient makers a quick update on where we are in our efforts to migrate to WordPress, move into the cloud, and upgrade our antiquated commenting system.

  • We managed to get the IE8/Opera 11 bug fixed. We had some reports of Safari hanging, which may have been called by a number of bad Javascript callouts. We pulled those, are testing, and we’ll see if that does the trick.
  • Images are restored to the RSS feed (to the best of our knowledge, at any rate) as well as longer post text. We’re really sorry about that. It was not our intent to give you a lesser experience.
  • We had a couple more server issues that I believe (knock on wood) we’ve got buttoned up. I’ll let you guys know all about that in the post-mortem.
  • Old links: these are generally fixed (many, many fewer 404 errors), BUT some of the older, pre-2008 (generally) posts don’t have content in them :-( I’m going to refresh that data tonight or tomorrow morning, at which point, we should be OK.
  • Comments are up in Disqus (see below). The importer for Disqus barfed on the 404 pages, so after I know everything is OK with that, I’ll rerun the export/import.

Those are the biggies. We still have 40 open tickets for major/minor bugs and enhancements and shrinking. I’m a little fried, so I wasn’t able to write the big post-mortem for my fellow sysads and gearheads, but I promise I’ll have that up for you guys soon.

Thanks again for bearing with us. We’re excited by what the new tech has to offer, both to us here at Maker Media, and to you all as members of our community.