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The quest for a rechargeable lithium-air battery

Lithium air prototype cell.
Interesting article from IEEE Spectrum about the potential benefits of developing a usefully rechargeable lithium-oxygen cell (for use, most importantly, in electric cars) and the challenges that remain for that research. So-called “air batteries,” in which one of the reacting chemical species is atmospheric oxygen, are already widely employed, for instance, in hearing-aid batteries, which are commonly zinc-air cells with a piece of adhesive film that must be removed before use to allow atmospheric oxygen onto the cathode. The know-how to make lithium-air cells is available right now; the hard part is making the reverse process practical over many recharging cycles. [Thanks, Glen!]


6 thoughts on “The quest for a rechargeable lithium-air battery

  1. Sorry to repeat myself, but just noticed the Share on facebook button, and wanted to make sure other folks were aware of developments in this area.

    I’m sure this battery technology would be useful in cellphones, laptops, and other devices that make use of rechargeable batteries besides cars as well.

    Keep up the great work.

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