Screencap from coin stop-motion movie Insert Coin.
The first time I saw Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh’s Insert Coin I was skeptical that they had really animated it by hand, just by moving a bunch of coins around on the floor. Then I saw the clever trick they were using to lay out the individual frames. Still a tedious task, requiring serious commitment. And lots and lots of coffee.

“We’ll be done with this in, um, a couple while.”

Indeed. [via Dude Craft]

Update: Thanks to Hermann for pointing out the erroneous headline: “The fact is that the original images are 1-bit. A bit depth of “one” means that there are only two possible colors per pixel — usually black or white. In this case, each “pixel” is “coin” or “no coin” (with the coins lit to be virtually white against a black background).” By “8-bit-style,” I really intended “suggestive of early computer graphics.”