If you’re considering NOT entering the 555 contest, be sure to peep their list of prizes before you make that decision. There’s a pro Eagle license from Element 14, a scope and DMMs from Extech, XMEGA dev kits, XuLA boards, a Nexus S phone from Google, a couple of Fluke DMMs, a SumoBot competition kit from Digi-Key, and tons, tons more. Here are the rules. The deadline is March 1st. Enter early and often, and good luck!

Also, NYC hackerspace Alpha One Labs is suggesting a 555 focus for the 16th Global Synchronous Hackathon to be held the 19th of February — a great opportunity to finish up your project in a single night.

10 thoughts on “555 contest prizes piling up

  1. Ah 555, so many fond memories from my childhood. If inspiration strikes, I’ll have to enter something, but for the life of me I can’t think of any truly good projects for it (that haven’t already been done). A very simple challenge, that’s simply challenging.

    Good luck to all the participants, hope something good occurs to you!

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