Asim from a group called TinkerAct! came by the Hack Factory a couple of weeks ago with a bag of Arduino clones they had created. Called the Arduino Stripper, it’s super tiny (1.6? X 2?) and inexpensive ($20).

I love using the little Arduino Pro Mini from Sparkfun. These little boards are perfect for space constrained and low voltage applications. I have built a number of projects using it. My only problem using it was that I always had to solder components/sensors directly on to it which is a) ugly and b) prone to short-circuiting. To solve this problem, I started building bare minimal Arduinos using perf/strip boards which is almost perfect space wise, but becomes a really laborious work (2-3 hours to get it all right) Sometimes, I just need an Arduino for a quick idea I have in my head and neither of the above two options quite cut it.

The stripper is nearly the same size as the mini breadboards from the Maker Shed, as one of the hackerspace members discovered — it was only one row off.

Editor’s Note: We are aware of the fact that the use of “Arduino” in the name of this product may be a violation of Ardunio’s licensing. Our publishing of this piece is not meant as endorsement of that fact. -GB