Diana Eng created this mini collection of scarves inspired by math and science:

A small collection of three scarves whose designs are created with science, math, and technology. When designing the Smart Scarf Mini Collection, I wanted each scarf’s design to be inherent to the technology used to create it.   

The act of knitting has a lot to do with counting numbers and keeping track of the number of new stitches and previous stitches. So I decided to try knitting the Fibonacci number pattern which is created by adding a number to the previous number.

These scarves were inspired by growing frost on window panes. The Jack Frost Scarf is a t-shirt scarf with snowflake patterns that appear in cold temperatures below 65° F. As the scarf gets colder, the snowflake pattern grows larger and bolder.

I like to think of the Miura Ori scarf as a collapsible wool cashmere coat for your neck. Created with a “leaf fold” deployable structure pleat pattern, Miura Ori scarf folds up compactly and opens to create a voluminous, warm scarf.