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As we detailed last year, Michael Una makes analog optical theremins. But where before he built them himself, now he’s taken the next step and looked for help in mass producing them.

This past summer I attended the Maker Faire in Detroit and got to talk with Mitch Altman of TV-B-Gone and Trip Glasses fame. He gave me some good advice about manufacturing and later referred me to his overseas manufacturer. That started a long process of prototype creation, materials selection, and pricing…

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10 thoughts on “The Beep-It: An Analog Optical Theremin

  1. That’s a pretty cool version. I built one that I found a few years ago at this guys site:

    It used two photo cells and two 555 timers. I really like that you can control the mix with mine. I put heat shrink over the photo cells to make it easier to get pitch darkness on them in bright light.

    I think I’ll stick to making them for myself. Perhaps the mass production is more suited to non-makers?

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