Minneapolis Mini Maker Faire — Call for Makers

Last year’s “Minne Faire” was a hit, and the folks at the Hack Factory are gearing up for the sequel.

I would like to announce that we have selected Sat. April 9th to be the date for this year’s Mini Maker Faire. The Faire will take place from noon until 5pm and there will likely be some sort of after party. Mark your calendars!

This is also a Call for Makers. We need you to fill tables at our event. If you’d like to request a table please e-mail jtbarclay@gmail.com with a description, link, and/or photos of what you’d be presenting. Also include your table size and power requirements. Since the Hack Factory has filled up quite a bit since last year, space is at a premium. We are working with our landlord to free up some extra space for the weekend, but tables will be limited. If needed, table selections may be a juried process.

If you haven’t been to the Hack Factory since last years faire, I recommend you stop by. Our membership has increased substantially over the past year, and the difference you’ll immediately notice is the presence of tools!

14 thoughts on “Minneapolis Mini Maker Faire — Call for Makers

    1. This is not a problem, but we will need to build you a ramp, we would be more than happy to do so we have the access and it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

      A ramp could be built in under 5 minutes.

    2. Eric, the home of Twin Cities Maker predates ADA, and while our board has been working with our landlord to resolve accessibility issues, thus far we haven’t found a viable, code compliant workaround. I’m certain we can get folks in and out safely, but unfortunately we are not yet fully accessible.

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