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B-Roll — The Show: “365 Days, 1 Room”

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We’ve covered the inspiring work of Charlie Visnic a number times before. We love the projects that he does and the motivation behind them. Here, let’s let Charlie explain:

I have been doing one creative thing a day for almost an entire year. It has been a real struggle and test of my will to accomplish. Some days are good and some days, not so much. But ultimately it was more about “doing” than anything else. Part of the challenge was to quit smoking but I faltered around Day 50, confessed it on Day 75 and quit again around Day 118. As of now I have not had a cigarette since then.

And now, Charlie writes to tell about a show that’s being mounted to celebrate the completion of the project:

The blog and the project will end very soon in a big celebration at an art gallery. The show is called “365 Days, 1 Room” and it is going to be just that. I am filling the room with everything that I did over the year. There will be lot’s of hands-on stuff there, like the a harmonograph table with a rotating drawing surface, a dry-erase animation stand for visitors to add a frame to a collaborative animation, homemade instruments and contact mics amplifying objects, my modular synth, and lots of other stuff that will be created over the next week.

And he even had some kind words for us and for the joy of making:

Also, I wanted to say thanks for all your support on the Make: Online. You have posted many of my projects and it has made me feel incredibly special. I have become a changed man because of this experience. I now feel like anything is possible with a little time and research.

Go, Charlie. Good luck with the show, which, BTW, starts on March 4th, at the VIOLETHOUR in Fullerton, CA. More info here.

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