Make: Live ep03 video is online! Thanks to our guest Sean Ragan, we enjoyed an evening of science.

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Sean Ragan – Laser Projection Microscope
MAKE contributing writer and organic chemist Sean Ragan joins us via Skype to show us his homebrew microscope which uses a bright laser to project an image through a droplet of water – microbial movie theater! Learn to build your own laser projection microscope on Make: Projects.

Electrochemistry demo from the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

Becky dons her lab coat to demonstrate the production of hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water (with the help of a 9V battery). You can tell the difference between the two gases with a lit match – FWOOM! This lab appears in chapter 16 of our own Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments by Robert Bruce Thompson.

Show notes: