Prestigious general science journal Nature has just published a video segment on MAKE pals GenSpace NYC. GenSpace, an open dues-based DIYbio workspace in downtown Brooklyn, bills itself as “the first-ever community laboratory.” This line from their front page is highly quotable:

[W]e offer New Yorkers the opportunity to work on their own projects in a safe, Biosafety level 1 facility.

As I understand it, BSL-1 doesn’t require much more than gloves and a face-mask, but it sure sounds cool, doesn’t it? Congrats, guys! [Thanks, Alan Dove!]

DIYbio NYC on the BioBus

3 thoughts on “NYC Molecular Biology Hackerspace Featured by Nature Magazine

  1. Biosafety Level 1 requires a room with a door that can be closed, posted no food, drink or smoking in the lab, screens to prevent insect contamination if the room has windows, non-absorbent bench and floor surfaces (no wood) that can be cleaned easily, a way of disposing of both chemical and biological waste, and a sink for washing your hands on the way out. The activities may or may not require protective gear, but for work on E. coli K12 (the most common teaching organism for bacterial work) it’s recommended to wear gloves and glasses. No facemasks are involved, unless you are quite kinky :-)

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