Morse For The Hard-Core: Replace Your Keyboard with a Key

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Morse For The Hard-Core: Replace Your Keyboard with a Key

Here’s a practically guaranteed way to get yourself over the hump and learn Morse, from Australian Ben Buxton. The USB key interface is built into a mint tin and provides a dual input port for a standard USB keyboard to access non-Morse characters. A numeric display on the tin reports your coding speed, and tapping out “SOS” without letterspaces brings up the settings menu in software.

Got to agree with tipster Alan Dove, who quipped that any project successfully mixing Arduino, mint tins, USB interfaces, and International Morse Code results in “unassailable geek cred.” [Thanks, Alan!]

6 thoughts on “Morse For The Hard-Core: Replace Your Keyboard with a Key

  1. Matt Richardson says:

    I love projects that combine old and new like this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pounding brass is so cool. There is a program you can download called COMAX that will let you do this with your mouse. Tnx for sharing your fair dinkum project Mr. Buxton. I hope I work your radio station on cw, very best regards, Tom AB9NZ

  3. Tadas Jelinek (@tadasyoyolt) says:

    I think I just found what to do with my makey makey I got as a gift… (hint: it can pretend to be usb keyboard so it’s perfect).

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