What Is In All Likelihood The World’s Smallest Aquarium

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  • Caption: From Chris Murphy 01634 686 515 Looking after fish at home is a right pain – cleaning the water, ensuring all that water has the right oxygen and chemical balance. If all that is putting you off, but you still fancy enjoying the calming influence of watching your fish swim round and round, how about this solution. This is the world’s smallest aquarium and comes from a Russian artist who specialises in making small stuff. Anatoly Konenko is a microminiaturist and painter and this is his fish tank. He started making tiny things in Siberia in 1981. He invented and mastered the technology of writing on rice, poppy seed, and then even a human hair. He said his tank is just 30x24x14mm and holds a mere 10ml of water. Just big enough for these micro fish.