Celebrate National Craft Month

In addition to celebrating Feast & Frolic here on Craft, today marks the start of National Craft Month. Who better to kick it off than Martha Stewart herself? Take a look at this post from The Craft Department blog for a sneak peek inside their workshop. And if you can, tune in to The Martha Stewart Show tomorrow for an hour of nothing but crafty goodness. Pay close attention to the audience – you just might see a few members from the Craft gang in the audience!

6 thoughts on “Celebrate National Craft Month

  1. Michelle says:

    I love getting my Martha Stewart magazine!! Her crafts are so lovely and practical!

  2. mesosok says:

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  3. Lanzone says:

    With the experience of my this Craft month.I like what you say or think .It is also very essential part of Creative mind .Am I righ .

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