Arduino Robotics

This is a project in development for the module “Digital Ecologies”, at the Bartlett’s AAC Msc.

A Delta-Robot is controlled by a Kinect through Processing and Arduino. The movements of the performer control directly the position of the robot’s effector, and the rotation and opening of the gripper.
Once the plattform is properly calibrated (still a little rough round the edges!), several autonomous behaviours will be implemented.

Miriam Dall’Igna
Criaco Castro
Enrique Ramos

Ruairi Glynn

[Via Beyond the Beyond]

8 thoughts on “Kinect & Arduino-Controlled Delta Robot

  1. Best part of this is when the operator mentally goes from “I want to control this” mode to “I don’t want to control this” (in order to reposition the target), and is surprised when the robot continues reacting to him. I imagine that they will need voice and gesture commands to switch it to standby, hopefully before somebody gets their eye poked.

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