Maker “colin.faulkingham’s” Drawbot entry

oPossum5150 used shipping envelope cardstock to create this Drawbot pen holder

We’re happy to announce the winners in our Make It Last Build Series Drawbot project. This time, we did a drawing of images from the MAKE Flickr pool (tagged: makeitlast). And the winners are:

First Place Prize:

Second Place Prize:

Check out the Make It Last Build Series Landing Page to see the booty you won from Microchip, Energizer, and Maker Shed and email me your mailing addresses so we can send you your prize packages. And congrats!

For this Build Series, we did three cool projects: a datalogger, a robotic plant, and a drawbot. All of the materials on these projects are available on the Make It Last landing page. We hope that even though the contests are over, you’ll still take a crack at these projects. If you do, please drop me a line (at the email above) and let us know. We might even do a post about your project. And for those still working on Drawbots, please do finish them and post your results to our Flickr pool (tagged: makeitlast) and we’ll do a follow-up post.

Make It Last Build Series Landing Page