Make: Live ep04 is all about DIY Musical Instruments! Thanks to our fill-in cohost Collin Cunningham and guests Ranjit Bhatnagar and Pete Edwards.

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Ranjit Bhatnagar – Instrument-A-Day
Ranjit Bhatnagar devotes the month of February to creating a musical instrument every day, documented on his blog. He joins us in-studio with samples from this year’s instrument-a-day series including a laser-cut violin and corn cob sequencer music. Special thanks to guest violinist (and CRAFT contributor) Alaina Zulli for her pixel-perfect performance.

Pete Edwards – Circuit bending & synths
MAKE contributer Pete Edwards (of Casper Electronics) joins us via video chat to talk circuit bending and shows us his den of electronic creations in Troy, NY. Barbie karaoke machines, a glitched-out NES, and a demo of a simple technique to turn cheap toys into circuit-bent gold.

Show notes:

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  1. :O Nice giveaway… too bad I have something every Wed. when make live airs… Anyway I dont have vol. 17 so I wouldnt have known what a beatbearing sequencer is… :)

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